Water Services


Jug Water options

Our jug water services are an area of success that we are particularly proud of.  Pepsi Cola C-U Bottling has undergone a vast amount of research to provide water options that meet and exceed of our quality and purity standards.  Before your jug water gets to your office, it goes through a multi-step filtration process that undergoes reverse osmosis to remove both impurities and chemicals.  In addition to a reverse osmosis treatment, we give our water the ozone treatment.  The Ozone treatment is able to eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic and microbiological problems and taste and odor problems.  We care about the products that we provide our customers. 

We guarantee all of our water coolers from top to bottom.  We always have a replacement ready to deliver if anything goes wrong, you will never miss a day of service.  Plus, our local sales and technical staff service each cooler as if it were their own. 

Not interested in adding a water cooler?  We also provide point of use coolers.